National Exploration Report - Germany

Nov , 27 2009

The study describes the challenges, met by managers, teachers and participants of vocational training institutes within heterogeneous groups in the social sector. Single and group interview methods were used for questioning institutions belonging to “Diakonisches Werk Berlin Brandenburg schlesische Oberlausitz1” in the area Berlin and Brandenburg.

The results show that compared to the rest of the population a relatively few amount of migrants attend a training in the institutions of the Diakonisches Werk. It was reported, that language problem and group dynamics influence the learning process in heterogeneous groups. To analyze and influence these group dynamics effectively was considered a challenge in the classrooms. Gender aspects have an influence on the situation too, because
women are overrepresented in the social and care sector. A further challenge is a lack of sufficient intercultural knowledge of the different countries, cultures and religions of the teachers. That implied the question how to enable individually important learning for learners from strange and common cultural and social backgrounds?

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